Need a hassle-free car removal? Call up Wreckers Geelong right now!

Posted on Apr 16th, 2015

Have you been hearing from your friend or neighbor that their car removal has been a tedious process and so dropped the plan of removing your old car from your yard? Then here is Wreckers Geelong to get you out of that misunderstanding. When you deal with us, the only time-consuming process will be the time taken for you to make us a call, once the call is done the rest of the process is very fast and efficient. Even the transaction will be faster that by the time our car remover has the vehicle loaded on the truck; you have the cash in your hands. We are that confident in our network of buyers and wrecking yards. And, we don’t hesitate to offer full value. Also, we don’t charge a towing fee; nor do we charge to find a buyer or to dispose of the vehicle.

We take pride in our expert and efficient team which includes car wreckers, car appraisers and car removers. We are committed to serving you the best as well as serving the community you live too. So our system is one that is eco-friendly as we avoid hazardous landfills by salvaging all part and components from the vehicle to recycle, reuse and resell and then crush the valuable metal of the vehicle to reuse and resell as scrap metal. This process allows us to offer our customers top cash for their unwanted car removal in Geelong.

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At Wreckers Geelong, we service the community with outstanding car removal services. Our car wreckers work around the clock, offering first car removals that mean instant cash. Our scrap car wreckers and auto buyers are why we accept any make and model of any age and condition. Either way, our expert car appraisers will have a top dollar cash offer for you. If you accept, we’ll schedule a car removal at a time that is convenient for you. Our team works round the clock that any time convenient for you is the best convenient time for us. Just give us a call at 0402 932 560.