Car Removal

Thinking it’s time to have your vehicle removed? How about a FREE car removals and some fast cash. There is no time like the present to sale your car as we offer up to $9,999 for any make and model of any age and condition. And, we always perform your car removal for free. Our car removal specialists work around the clock, offering free car removals. Instant Cash For Cars Melbourne are our partners.
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  • FREE Used Car Removal
  • FREE Old Car Removal
  • FREE Unwanted Car Removal
  • FREE Scrap Car Removal
  • FREE Accident Car Removal
  • FREE Junk Car Removal
  • FREE Broken Car Removal
  • FREE Rusted Car Removal
  • FREE Damaged Car Removal
  • FREE Wrecked Car Removal

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Car Removals Geelong

Our free car removals mean cash for cars. At Wreckers Geelong, we buy cars of every condition and type and always put cash in your pocket. When you hire us, you hire an established car removal company that provides service to all suburbs of Geelong. Our car removal specialists work around the clock, offering 24-hour car removals any day of the year.

Just give us a call for a cash offer.

We are a licenced used auto buyer and wrecker that has the experience in the industry to be able to offer you top cash on your vehicle removals. Just give us a call, and we’ll give you a cash offer.

Cars Aren’t the Only Vehicle Removal we Perform. We Offer Vehicle Removals of Every Sort!

At Wreckers Geelong, we offer free car removals of every sort. Whether a truck, van, commercial vehicle, 4×4, SUV, motorcycle or anything else, Whatever type of vehicle you have, whatever make whatever model, we offer a free car removal. Whether you have a used van, an accident 4×4, a scrap ute or any other type of vehicle, we will remove it for free. Just give us a call, and we’ll give you a cash offer. We pickup every kind of vehicle:

  • FREE Truck Removals
  • FREE Van Removals
  • FREE 4×4 Removals
  • FREE Commercial Vehicle Removals
  • FREE SUV Removals
  • FREE Motorcycle Removals
  • FREE Ute Removals

We also accept scrap metals, so if there’s an old appliance around your home that you’d like to get some cash for, just give us a call, as well.

Green Car Disposals

When you call us for an old scrap car removal or an accident car removal, you call a company that offers eco-friendly car removals. We are a company in Geelong that recycles, reuses and resales all the parts and metals of the vehicle. Our wrecking yard is stated of the art with advanced technologies that allow us to dismantle a vehicle to its bare shell. We then crush the frame to form it into scrap metal.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose us, you choose a car removal company that is reputable and respected and always pays top cash. We are a company that is licenced and insured and goes to all the hard and heavy work involved in removing and / or selling your vehicle. We bring the paperwork with us at the time of the removal, so there is nothing whatsoever for you to be concerned with. We simply require a photo ID and the pink slip to your vehicle. With that, the deal is legal.

At Wreckers Geelong, we offer:

  • Round the Clock Car Removals
  • Instant Cash for Cars Offers
  • Service to All Suburbs of Geelong
  • Professional Car Removals

We are the specialists that work for you offering outstanding car removals that pay top cash. Just give us a call and see or yourself.

Our car removal specialists travel in custom vehicles, so no matter what size load you have to remove, we can remove it with one removal scheduled. We also buy scrap metal, so if you’ve been wanting your old washer and dryer out of the home to upgrade to a newer model, just give us a call and we’ll give you a cash offer for it, as well.

We are the reputable and respected car removal service that services each suburb in Geelong with fast and friendly car removals. And, we bring the cash with us at the time we perform your removal.

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For fast and friendly car removals, just give us a call today. We accept all makes and models of any age and condition. Just dial the number listed below or complete our “Instant Cash Offer” form located on this page. Within minutes, we will have a cash offer to you.

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