Truck Wreckers

Standard or automatic, get rid of your truck or 4×4 for cash today by giving Wreckers Geelong a call.  We are truck buyers & wreckers that pay fair offers of vehicles of any make and condition.  Just give us a call at the number below and we’ll make you an offer.

Call us at 0478 159 632.

We are your licensed & insured truck buyer & wrecker that offers exceptional services, and great payouts for unwanted trucks & 4x4s.

Cash for Trucks & 4WDs

Cash for trucks & 4x4s is only a phone call away at Wreckers Geelong.  We are your truck buyer that buys trucks and pays cash:

  • Cash for used trucks & 4WDs
  • Cash for scrap trucks & 4WDs
  • Cash for wrecked trucks & 4WDs
  • Cash for junk trucks & 4WDs
  • Cash for accident trucks & 4WDs
  • Cash for damaged trucks & 4WDs

Whatever condition, no matter what its make & model, give us a call and we’ll make you a cash quote on the vehicle up to $9999.

Truck Wreckers Geelong  

When you find yourself sitting on a vehicle that is no longer road worthy, but you just don’t have the time or energy, or maybe the funds, to get the vehicle removed, give Truck Wreckers Geelong a call.  We are a scrap truck & 4×4 wrecker that pays instant cash for vehicles to recycle the vehicles.  Our truck recycling Geelong offers vehicle owners a way to get rid of their truck without the hassles of paying a towing company, or even finding a wrecker that will accept their vehicle, little alone buy it.  Our wrecking yard is one of the best in Geelong with experienced wreckers that have the knowledge in all makes of trucks & 4x4s to recycle the vehicles to get the maximum cash value from all recyclable parts & metals.

Your vehicle will be stripped & recycled, and the cash will be paid to you.  Not only are our truck disposals quick & convenient, but you also have the peace of mind that your truck or 4×4 won’t contaminate the environment with its disposal with our eco-friendly truck recycling standards.

Do I Get My Cash Instantly? 

Yes!  When you contact Wreckers Geelong for a cash quote, we’ll schedule a removal should you accept, and bring our cash offer amount with us at the time we remove the vehicle.

What Do I Need to Sell My Truck to Wreckers Geelong? 

To sell your unwanted truck of any condition, you only need to contact us for a cash quote, as well as have the title of ownership to the vehicle, or its scrap certificate.  We will also require to see your photo ID to confirm your identity.  We also will ask that you remove the plates to your vehicle.  If you cannot, our truck or van wrecker will do so when they arrive to remove your unwanted truck.

Do You Provide the Paperwork? 

Yes.  We will provide the paperwork that transfers the ownership, and liability of the vehicle to us, which you will sign at the time of our truck or car removal.

Are Truck Removals Geelong Free? 

Yes.  There is never a charge for your unwanted truck removal in Geelong.

I’m Ready to Get My Truck Sold

When you are ready to get your truck sold, simply give us a call at the number below.  We can also be reached for an instant cash quote on your vehicle of any condition through our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page.

Call us at 0478 159 632.

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