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Wreckers Geelong offers the maximum or best price on scrap, accident or junk vehicles of up to $9999. We are your car buyer that buys vehicles of every make and model of any age and condition. As the car wreckers in Geelong, that know their business we make the greatest payouts on vehicles for recycling. Just give us a call and we’ll make you a cash offer.

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Car Wrecker Geelong

At Wreckers Geelong, you don’t have the concern of how to get rid of your vehicle. We will come to your location to remove any unwanted vehicle for free. We are a car removal company & truck wrecker in Geelong that puts instant cash in the hands of vehicle owners that would like to sell their used vehicles or get rid of their scrap & junk vehicles. We are a company that makes the selling process one that is fast and convenient, by simply making cash offers over the phone.

When you have a car you’d like to sell, contact us with the details, including a complete description and we’ll make you an offer.

How Our Car Wrecking Services Work

Geelong Wrecker in an auto wrecker that employs the best wreckers in the business. Our state of the art wrecking yard includes all the tools and equipment to completely recycle all the valuable metals from a vehicle, and then put the cash for the recycle to the vehicle owner. Prior to recycling your vehicle, our car wreckers will tell you just how much your vehicle is worth recycled for its metals & salvageable parts and pay you at the time of our collection.

Practicing the green standards of auto recycling, our car wreckers can get the most from your vehicle. They will quickly remove all parts from under the hood, recycling all the metals like titanium, platinum, copper, iron, and steel. They will then strip the inside of the vehicle to salvage any components like the headliner, dash, etc. The vehicle will then be crushed to form new steel. Our wrecking system is one that pays anywhere from $50 to $9999 cash for the recycle. And, we do all the work. Just give us a call and we’ll make you a cash offer.

To Get an Instant Cash Offer…

To get an instant cash offer on your unwanted vehicle, simply contact Wreckers Geelong.

1. Call us with the make, model, age, condition, vehicle identification number and odometer reading of your vehicle. We will require a complete description, so we can provide you with a cash offer.
2. Take us up on our offer, or decline.
3. Schedule a free car removal Geelong at a date & time that is convenient for you.
4. Have the plates to the vehicle removed and the title of ownership or scrap certificate ready to sign over to us when we arrive.
5. Sign the paperwork we provide and count your cash.

Our cash for cars system includes:

• Cash for Used Cars
• Cash for Scrap Cars
• Cash for Unwanted Cars
• Cash for Accident Cars
• Cash for Junk Cars
• Cash for Wrecked Cars
• Cash for Damaged Cars

We are your car buyer and van wrecker that doesn’t hesitate to pay the best cash on your used or scrap vehicle. We specialise in all makes and models used car parts.

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For the best in car removal & wrecking services in Geelong, contact the pros at Wreckers Geelong. We’ll make you an instant cash offer & be on our way to remove your vehicle, paying you the cash at the time of our collection.

Call us at 0478 159 632.