5 Ways To Know Your Junk Car Removal Company Is Legit In Geelong

Posted on Jun 12th, 2019

There are so many new Car Removal companies these days that finding a legitimate one who would not take advantage of you can be a challenge. There a few things to consider learning how to identify a reliable junk car removal company and not fall victim to others. Have a look at the tips below to make sure the junk car buyer that you choose is legit.

Some Important Tips When Selling Your Junk Car In Geelong

1. Use Google
Use google to search out a reputable company who has a street address and contact phone number. You should avoid those who have no way to contact the company.
2. Check Out the Business Site
The business could still be fake even if it does have a website. You can spot phony business sites easily if they tend to have very little content. Go ahead and call the local chamber of commerce to ensure the business is a real company since it is really easy to provide false phone numbers and addresses these days.
3. Ask Your Friends
By getting referrals from your friends and family members you can avoid crooked scams junkyards pull when buying cars. Your friends or family who used a junk car company in the past can share their experiences with it. Alternatively, you could ask around on social media to see what businesses the people have used and had good experiences with. This can save you some time and lead you directly to the reputable junk car buying company.
4. Ask for a License
Ask for licenses that prove the company’s legitimacy.
5. Check the Company’s Reviews
Read reviews online to see what people are really saying about a company. Check out the ratings of a business before you make your decision. Usually, comments that have a lot of exclamation points or are written perfectly are fake reviews and indicate that these might not be written by real customers.

There are many junk car buyers who are authentic and take good care of their customers. All Geelong Car Removals is one such company. We are licensed cash for car business who will pay top dollar for your car. Call us now