How to Spring Clean Your Car in Geelong

Posted on Aug 10th, 2017

Unlike many places in the world, Australia is not subjected to harsh weather in terms of snow. But nonetheless the winters are harsh and summers get scorching at times. Winters tend to take a toll on a car both interior and exterior. Here are a few tips from Car Wreckers Geelong to get your car ready for the spring:

Tip 1: Swap out Your Winter Gear

The weather usually takes a toll on the tyres the most especially in places where it snows. Snow tyres are usually used in many places for better grip and tend to withstand the hard environment. Nonetheless, there are tyres that are better suited to perform in the summer months. Leaving a particular set of tyres on can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Along with this, it’s better to also time to change windshield wipers too as worn out wipers may hurt the windshield and not serve well during a summer shower.

Tip 2: De-Bug Your Grille

This might seem like not an important car, but if you don’t use a detailed servicing it’s better to pay attention to this. As the weather warms up, the bugs and insects tend to spring up as well. If you can’t stand having your grille covered in insects there is an easy way to clean it out with supplies and utensils you already have in your laundry room. It’s as simple as taking a dryer sheet and wiping down your grille and you’re done.

Tip 3: Clean from Top to Bottom

When washing your car, it is important to start from the roof and work your way down. If you start washing the car from the bottom you will bring the grime and dirt as you move up to clean the other sections. Moving downward will help you save time and energy yielding the best results.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget About the Undercarriage

If you have been driving on icy roads or off road for that matter, there is a chance that the under carriage will come in contact with salt and dirt. This tends to cause havoc if it sticks to your steering and suspension. It’s advisable to pay extra attention to these areas to avoid build up, keep the water running until the water runs clear.

Tip 5: Let There Be Clean Headlights

After several months of harsh weather, headlights and taillights tend to fog up easily. Headlights are an extremely important safety feature irrespective of weather and driving conditions, so keeping them crystal clear is essential. All you need is some water, old towels and toothpaste. Simply apply toothpaste and scrub it off with water and your headlights will be as good as new.

With these tips, you can prepare your car for the spring and summer but if again your car is beyond cleaning and repair you pay to contact us at Cash For Car Removals Geelong to get an instant cash for car quote or speak to one of our specialists on 0402 932 560